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Crucial Facts about Arizona Drug DWIs

Arizona DUI Laws

Arizona law, like all state law, makes it expressly illegal for one to be in control of a motor car while under the influence of any intoxicant. Arizona is notable for being one of the harshest states on drivers found to be driving under the influence. Offenders are usually subject to legal sanctions of varying severity once it has been established that they have exceeded the legal limit. The legal limit in the state of Arizona is a blood alcohol level of 0.08%. Anyone found with alcohol at this level, or higher is liable for criminal prosecution. Gavel, Alcoholic Drink and Car Keys on a Gradating to White Background - Drinking and Driving Concept.

Arizona DUI Penalties

Understandably, for a first-time offender, the penalty for a DUI is decidedly more lenient than for a repeat offender. A first-time DUI is typically classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor. Offenders may face several legal sanctions depending on the particular circumstances surrounding the offense. They are likely to face penalties of a minimum $1500 fine and assessments, possible probation, or even be ordered to perform community service.  There is mandatory drug or alcohol counseling. There is also a short stint in jail and a suspension of driving privileges. Typically, first time DUI offenders will have their license suspended for ninety days, although a work permit may be possible after the first thirty days is completed. This suspension is referred to as administrative license suspension. Also, Arizona DUI law requires offenders to undergo mandatory counseling to educate and sensitize drivers on the dangers of drunk driving. The law is much firmer for second and subsequent offenders. For one to be charged with a second DUI in the state of Arizona, they would have to have a blood-alcohol level of at least 0.08% and would also have had a DUI conviction dated within the last seven years. A second DUI charge will see the offender face at least 30 days in jail and up to as much as six months. Additionally, the minimum fine and assessment payable is approximately $3500. Other sanctions include mandatory drug or alcohol counselling,  suspension of one's license for one year and community service, as well as possibly probation. For third-time offenders, the legal penalties are much worse, as the case becomes a felony. The fine and assessments for a third offense is approximately $4700 while they face a minimum of four months in prison. Additionally, they stand to lose their driver’s license for one year. This is not to mention the mandatory drug or alcohol counseling they will be required to undergo along with probation or community service. All told, the penalties for DUI charges in Arizona are among the harshest.

Arizona DUI Facts to Remember

There are several crucial DUI facts to bear in mind if you plan on visiting Arizona. The first of these is that commercial drivers can be arrested on a DUI charge with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of as little as 0.04%. Anybody found driving under the influence without having attained the legal drinking age is also subject to prosecution. A sad fact is that driving under the influence continues to contribute to close to a third of all accidents. Another fact to consider when it comes to DUI charges in Arizona is that failure to submit to a sobriety test leads to an automatic one-year license suspension. The penalty is much steeper if it is your second offense of refusing to take the test, for which one may face a license suspension of up to two years.

The Value of Hiring a Good DUI Lawyer

The value of hiring a knowledgeable DUI attorney is easy to see. The right DUI lawyer will keep up with the latest legal advancements to secure the best defense for their client. Regardless of the severity of the charges, it is always advisable to have a seasoned attorney in your corner. A experienced lawyer will weigh the particular circumstances of your arrest and the charges you face. Not only will they be familiar with the law but they will also understand the facts surrounding DUI cases quite well. After reviewing the case, they will be able to propose a solution that seems appropriate for the criminal charges you are facing. So, should you or your loved one be faced with DUI charges, it will pay to contact Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law.  He is knowledgeable in DUI law, with the experience of 30 years both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, and is your best bet toward a favorable ruling. After a free consultation, Robert A Dodell will work aggressively and tirelessly to defend you as he has done for decades. The importance of engaging the services of a stellar attorney with a distinguished history cannot be taken lightly.  Get the right legal backing in your corner.

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