Thursday, June 8, 2017

3 Great Qualities Of A Defense Lawyer For A White-Collar Case

Is someone accusing you of fraud, or anything having to do with a large sum of money? This is a white-collar case and you need quick help. This is a criminal case. You will facing the government in the courtroom. Given that, you will have to look for lawyers from private law firms. Many law agencies have experts who are highly skilled at crafting a credible white-collar criminal defense in Arizona. Severe penalties await those who will be convicted following a white-collar trial, so make sure you pick the best lawyers. What qualities do you need to consider?  

Experience is very important

White-collar cases can be quite complex. Since yours is considered to be a difficult case, choose lawyers who are known in the industry to have handled complicated cases in the past and have won many of them. Some choose one who once worked as a prosecutor representing plaintiffs in white-collar cases. While that kind of experience is not necessary, it may be advantageous for you to work with someone who has had dealings with both sides.  

The lawyer keeps you informed

You want to look for the quality of an experienced lawyer that is willing to fight for your rights till the end of your case. Your lawyers must also be able to care for you as an individual who needs to be kept informed of how your case is going. You need an established attorney that will be able to advise you of all your options from start to finish. Your legal defense options for a white-collar crime will have different potential outcomes. An experienced attorney such as Robert A. Dodell will be able to advise you on potential outcomes.  

The lawyer acts proactively

The truth of the matter is that you can make a lot of wrong decisions. Law enforcement will attempt to gather as much evidence against you as possible, to put you in a bad light. A criminal defense attorney works to protect your legal rights when dealing with law enforcement. He/She will not allow you to waive your constitutional rights without you knowing fully the legal implications of your actions. A skilled defense attorney knows that there are remedies. If ever you will be arrested, the case must be fully investigated and a defense must be prepared. Often, the defense attorney and the State attempt to resolve the case through a plea negotiation before proceeding to a trial. If the white-collar cases cannot be resolved though these out-of-court negotiations, your skilled defense attorney will be prepared for that trial. Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law 10601 N Hayden Rd, #I-103 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (480) 860-4321

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Friday, June 2, 2017

How Do I Get A DUI Off Of My Record?

A DUI or DWI can have a devastating effect on your life. The good news is that Arizona has a procedure you can go through that lets you set aside the conviction from your record. This is good if you have problems with the charge popping up when you are looking for work or trying to find a place to live. There is not a specified amount of time you have to wait if you want to get your record set aside in Arizona, and different courts will require different time frames. It is best to discuss this with an attorney that deals in set asides and DUIs. You also have to meet certain requirements in a lot of cases in order to remove the DUI off of your record. To get something like this set aside, you have to work with a Court. The Court will need to check whether you've had more issues after your DUI. A copy of your driving record will assist the court. It is best to have no pending driving issues and your license should no longer be suspended. This is why you need to be very careful after getting charged, because any mistakes can lead to a denial. It is best to find an attorney to work with instead of researching your options on your own. The DUI will automatically fall off of your driving record after a certain period of time, but it is always on your criminal record. Otherwise, if you don't do anything about it to get it set aside through the courts, it will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life. A big problem with that is later on you may want to try to find employment only to learn that you can't be hired due to your record. Know that the more DUIs you get, the worse the punishments are. With more DUIs also comes less of a chance of you getting it taken off your criminal record no matter what you do. Until you get a DUI you don't know how bad it can actually be. The good news is that there are options. Once you hire the right attorney to work with, they should be able to file an application with the court where you were convicted. A set aside will all depends on the court. So getting the right attorney to assist you is imperative.  

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Right to a Fair and Impartial Judge

Can You Request A New Judge?

It is stated in the law that both the State and the Defense have the right to a fair judge. This means that a fair and impartial judge must be made available to any parties under criminal litigation. A change of judge can then be requested with or without cause as needed.  

With Cause

Whenever requesting a change of judge with cause, it must be stated in clear, full details as to why such request has been made as to ensure that it is still in line with the integrity and fair functions of the judicial system. This is a change of judge as a matter of right. This motion must be filed within ten days of the discovery that grounds exist for changing the judge. The requesting party must assure that such a request is only done in good faith. If the assigned judge does not agree that cause exists, the presiding judge provides a hearing on the matter before another judge to determine by the preponderance of the evidence whether a change of judge is required. If this judge rules that the change is required, the presiding judge will reassign the matter to another judge.  

Without Cause

The State and the Defense may request a change of judge without cause. This is called a peremptory notice. In non-death penalty cases, this motion must be filed within ten days after the arraignment or within ten days of the assignment of the judge. Although the change of judge is "without cause", the request must be made in good faith and cannot be made of any of the following reasons:
  • Attempts to delay the proceedings
  • Obtainment of severance
  • To interfere with the reasonable case management practices of a judge;
  • To remove a judge for reasons of race, gender, or religious affiliation
  • for the purpose of using the rule against a particular judge in a blanket fashion by a defense group or law firm
  • To obtain a more convenient geographical convenience
  • To obtain advantage or avoid disadvantage in connection with a plea bargain or at sentencing, except those allowed by Rules of Criminal Procedure.
  Furthermore, the right to a change of judge without cause is limited and controlled by also allowing both the State and the defense one, and only one, peremptory or final change of judge per case. A further exception of additional judge replacement might however apply if one side is made up of two or more parties under hostile or adverse interests. Once the request for a new judge is made, the case is transferred immediately to the presiding judge. The presiding judge reassigns the case to another judge. Learn more about our criminal practice areas below:  

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5 Tips for Legal Adoption To Help With The Paperwork

You and your spouse have been dreaming to have a child for so long and have finally decided to adopt one. Your excitement over the prospect is extremely high but after a quick consultation with a lawyer, you find out it is not as easy as you think. The process can be time-consuming and will require a trail of paperwork that you need to accomplish and prepare. Depending on whether you plan to do a domestic adoption, the forms you need to prepare and fill out seems endless:

  • Forms to file a petition in court
  • Forms for home study
  • Application forms for an agency if you plan to use an agency
  • Medical records, financial and employment records
  • Your personal history and family background
The list goes on and on and without careful planning, you will find yourself under severe stress even before the process begins. The adoption process can be quite tricky but following these five easy tips, you will be relatively worry-free and can avoid what otherwise can be a taxing route.
  1. List down all the paperwork you will need to fill out and accomplish. Include a deadline for each form; this way, you can finish each methodically.
  2. Set aside time to review and fill out all the paperwork. Once you have listed down what you need to do, set aside a time to do them. This will ensure that you stick to your deadline to accomplish the forms.
  3. Organize and file your paperwork. Use a file organizer and label them properly to keep all your forms in once place. You will find it easier to locate them when you need them at a moment’s notice. You will also be able to keep track which forms you have accomplished and which ones you still need to finish.
  4. Do not give up. No matter how organized you are, there will be times when you would be fed up with the endless paperwork that you simply just want to give up. Don’t. Encourage yourself by reading stories about successful adoption stories or join webinars about the adoption process. Listen to stories of what other adoptive parents went through and how they succeeded. Go back to the reason you are going to through all this tiresome process, which is to be a parent.
  5. Stay focused. Concentrate on what you need to do next and how to do them. Be resolute on what you want to happen and how to make it happen so that you can keep the unexpected from happening. This will make the next steps less daunting and tiresome.
Just keep these five easy tips in mind and you will be amazed at how much you have accomplished in no time.   These are some tips if you are doing a domestic adoption, but if you are looking for an attorney that focuses in family or relative adoptions, get in touch with Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law. I can inform you of all the necessary paperwork and details that you are going to need for this type of an adoption. I have successfully navigated many clients through the family member adoptions process. I can help you through this process as well. Check out these 5 adoption tips by visiting

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Criminal Record Expungement in Arizona

Expungement can be technically defined in legal terms as a request or petition to a court or law enforcement agency for the erasure, cancellation, sealing, modification or destruction of a criminal record. People may apply for expungement of certain criminal records when it starts to affect their image or reputation, such as when applying for work. However, under the Arizona law, this process cannot technically be utilized for an Arizona criminal record. An individual’s crime history remains untouched in the books until they reach 99 years of age.   Arizona does not have an expungement law. The substitute process for expungement for Arizona cases is having the case “set aside. ”However, a“set aside” does not make your record free of previous crimes committed. Setting aside a felony or misdemeanor conviction in Arizona, however, means that your criminal records will still be viewable by anyone who plans to review it (e.g. a potential employer) but it will also be recorded that your case has been set aside or that all the conditions of your probation and sentence have been satisfied and cleared. A set aside confirms that a court has handled your case and has resolved to dismiss the charges against you. A set aside has its own limits and is not applicable when the crime committed:

  • consists of some driving offenses
  • involved a finding of sexual motivation,
  • involves a victim below 15 years of age,
  • involves serious physical injury on the victim,
  • involves any dangerous instrument or deadly weapon, or
  • requires the defendant to be registered as a sex offender
Juvenile record clearing options are also available for cases in Arizona. Juvenile record sealing may apply if you are at least 18 years of age, without adult conviction or pending charges, and have completed all the terms and conditions of the sentence. This kind of sealing does destroy the records though it does not relieve you from its accompanying penalties. Criminal reports can be set aside and juvenile records can be destroyed. It is best to hire a criminal Defense attorney in order to assist you in this process. Learn more about Robert A. Dodell criminal legal defense services. My office is located in Scottsdale by the TPC Golf Course in Scottsdale Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law 10601 N Hayden Rd, #I-103 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (480) 860-4321

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Obtaining a Copy of Your Criminal Record

Do you have a criminal record?  Do you know if the criminal record is even accurate?  Arizona law requires that a person’s criminal record, misdemeanors and felonies, is maintained until he or she reaches the age of 99 or until one year after that person dies. A person can obtain a copy of their own criminal record in the State of Arizona. It is common for a person to want to obtain a copy of their own criminal record, because he or she is concerned about what the records states.  The person may be looking for a new job.  Nowadays, employers of all kinds perform thorough background checks before hiring. The employer will obtain your criminal history. The State of Arizona maintains the criminal history in the Criminal History Records Section of the Central State Repository for Arizona crimes only.  If the Arizona record may contain inaccurate information, there is a way to correct it.  A person may contact the Arizona Department of Public Safety and request for a Record Review Packet. Any corrections may be completed by completing and submitting a form included in the Record Review Packet called “Review and Challenge of Arizona Criminal History Information.” The packet will include a fingerprint card.  The person must also provide a set of his or her fingerprints.  There is no cost for this process. If the Central State Repository agrees that an error exists on the criminal history record, the record will be corrected. Additionally, the Criminal History Records Section at the Central State Repository will notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the error so they can update their records. Keep in mind, the error might originate with the court or arresting agency in Arizona. In such cases, the Criminal History Records Section will not correct the error until that court or arresting agency corrects the error. In such a case, a person needs to be proactive and seriously consider hiring an attorney with experience in dealing with this type of issue. An attorney can  assist you in correcting this problem or error associated with the criminal history record. Robert A. Dodell Attorney    

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Adoption 101: An Efficient Guide To Finalizing Adoption Process

There is nothing more fulfilling than being a parent. It is a privilege that anyone could enjoy, even those who decide or who cannot bear their own. Fortunately, adoption processes nowadays doesn’t have to be tedious, thanks to legal adoption attorneys who dedicate their time extending help to frustrated parents.  

Conduct your research and preparations

  One of the first steps in finalizing your adoption process is to do some research and prepare your mindset for the upcoming process. An adoption of a family member can be easy or difficult depending on the circumstances. Once you have decided that adoption is fit for you, you need to choose the way you want to proceed in adopting your family member. An adoption attorney such as Robert A. Dodell focuses on the adoption process of a relative or family member.  

Assess the legalities of your adoption

The most important part of the adoption process is the legal aspect. First, you need to assess the policies in your state about the legal aspect of independent adoption in cases of domestic adoption. After that, you need to accomplish your adoptive parent profile, with the help of your adoption attorney.  

Understand the finances involved

Adoption does not end with legal fees and logistical expenses. You need to consider some of the taxations that will change once you get custody of your adoptive child.  

Complete all necessary documents

The next thing to partake in your adoption process is to accomplish all required documents for legal adoption. You may also have to prepare your existing documents such as the following:
  • Homestudy
  • Birth certificates
  • Tax returns
  • Residency proof
  • Land titles
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce documents
  • Settle post-placement and post-adoption fees.
By this time, you are now a new parent of a child.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When a Juvenile May End Up in the Adult Criminal Justice System in Arizona

For parents, it can be a frightening place to be when you realize that your youngster is facing the court system. You need to get help right away so that you can form the best defensive strategy possible. In some cases, you might find that the State is going to attempt to move the case to an adult court, which you certainly do not want!
If you live in the State of Arizona and have a legal situation involving a juvenile, you will want to move forth with understanding how the system operates. In most instances, crimes committed by someone under the age of eighteen are treated differently then when over the age of eighteen. The Juvenile Criminal Court systems is designed to rehabilitate the juvenile so they get their life straightened out and can be a productive member of society. There are various factors involved regarding whether a case is a good candidate for transfer. Certain crimes, are subject to an “automatic transfer” to adult court. If the juvenile is fifteen years of age or older and has been charged with first or second degree murder, forcible sexual assault, armed robbery, aggravated assault and other violent offenses, the law allows for an automatic transfer to adult court. Other transfers are discretionary on the State, and subject to court ruling after a hearing. If a juvenile is at least fourteen years old and has been adjudicated (convicted) of at least two prior felonies, the State can file a motion to transfer the juvenile defendant to the adult court system for criminal prosecution. The discretionary hearing, called a “Transfer Hearing” may be held within thirty days after the Advisory Hearing (the juvenile equivalent to an adult arraignment), if the request for transfer is filed the same time of the juvenile criminal charges. If the request for transfer is filed after the Advisory Hearing, the Transfer Hearing may be thirty days after that filing. The Transfer Hearing is critical to the future of the juvenile. Will the juvenile stay in the juvenile system, with the goal of rehabilitation, or will the juvenile be transferred to the adult criminal court system, with the goal of punishment. If If the court denies or dismissed the Motion for Transfer, the juvenile will stay in the juvenile court system. An Adjudication Hearing (the juvenile equivalent to an adult trial), will be set in juvenile court. You must have a reputable juvenile criminal defense attorney to assist you with your defense needs. You really want to have the best legal defense possible to protect your child. When searching for juvenile criminal defense attorneys that practice in your community, it is important to seek out ones that emphasize in juvenile crimes. These are handled significantly differently than adult cases and you want to have a defense attorney who is familiar with the nuanced differences between defending an adult and a child. You should check out the reputation of the attorney or law firms that you are thinking about hiring for your child's defense needs. Once you have done this, you can find out what the available attorneys will charge and begin to move forth with the case. The longer you wait, the less time your attorney has to prepare a defense for your child. Don't wait any longer! Start checking into the best options available for juvenile crimes criminal defense in your city. Learn more about our services here.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Making Online Threats On Social Media Is Just a Bad Idea

Did you know that when you use social media, all that you say and do is trackable? Many people feel like they are able to say whatever they want because it's just the internet and nobody will know who they are anyways. That is simply not the case. One thing that is often in the news now is the story of someone being harassed online to a point where they commit suicide. Harassing someone just because you have an audience that is clicking like and egging you on is no excuse to treat someone poorly. Because of these kinds of issues, there are now actually laws that cover what is known as cyberstalking. This is when someone is constantly following someone else around online and trying to cause some kind of distress in their life on purpose. What about threats that you make as a joke? Perhaps you are going on a trip on an airplane and think it would be funny to joke about a bomb. That is simply not going to fly these days, because someone can report you and before you know it you'll be tracked down by TSA agents and brought into custody. You have to realize that if they didn't take threats seriously when they were brought to their attention, people could get away with all kinds of serious crimes. It may be easy to show the authorities that it was just a joke, but that doesn't make it okay to make threats. Even your private messages are easy for the authorities to look through if they have the right kind of warrant. Let's say that you're private messaging someone and threatening them to a point where they feel scared enough to file a police report. That could lead to the social media website getting subpoenaed and they then legally are required to hand over everything your account has in it usually. Go look right now at the account information you can download on Facebook as your own personal backup, and you can see that it included all kinds of information you may have thought was private. That is what they have access to. So what can you do if you want to joke around about threats, harass people, or stalk them? You have to seriously stop and think about what you are doing. Many cases that revolve around cyber-bullying are being talked about all around the world and it is highly frowned upon. The law does take time to catch up with technology. Your information is never completely private, and it will be very easy for you to get in legal hot water over what you've said on the internet. Social media and online threats tend to go hand in hand because people feel like they are anonymous. Nowadays, however, you are not. There are laws against online harassment, so do not even go there.   

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Can You Refuse A Field Sobriety Test When Pulled Over For A DUI?

After someone that is driving is pulled over because an officer thinks they have been drinking, they generally are told to do field sobriety tests. You don't actually have to consent to these tests and it's in your best interests to know why that's the case. If you say no to the test, you may still be taken in but you can work with your DUI defense attorney to explain the refusal in court. The fact is, these tests can be very difficult even if you are sober. If you have balance issues and take the tests, the officer will “fail” you. That will cause you to further incriminate yourself. By refusing to take the test, even though you will likely still arrested, you won’t be assisting the State in convicting you. Did you know that the roadside DUI tests for sobriety are made to be difficult to do in general? Just walking in a line going from heel to your toe is not as easy as it sounds. Go try walking in a straight line that way and you'll quickly see that even when you haven't been drinking, it is difficult to do. It takes practice to do this correctly. Not only that but there are tests like having to raise your leg off the ground and keep your balance, If you are nervous or simply not good in physical tasks, even without alcohol or drugs in your system, the officer may “fail” you. Refusing a test with a simple no thank you is okay to do. There is no legal requirement for anyone to do the field sobriety tests. So why give the police evidence that can hurt your case. You may not be able to get away from doing other forms of testing, such as the blood, breath or urine test, if you are taken in, but at least you will be able to avoid further incrimination. Do not listen to an officer that tells you that by refusing you are automatically admitting guilt. Stay as calm as possible and always ask to speak to an attorney. A bad attitude in any situation involving the police can only aggravate the situation and hurt your case. A little respect can go a long way in tense situations like this. Even when there is a blood, breath or urine test, a DUI can be fought. If you don't fight the charge, you will go to jail, pay substantial fines, and you will end up losing your driver’s license. You need to find an experienced and skilled DUI attorney that can assist you in avoiding these serious consequences.   Learn more about your DUI options by visiting: Robert A. Dodell misdemeanor defense attorney Robert A. Dodell felony defense attorney

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Adoption Takes Many Forms

Those unfamiliar with adoption often perceive it in the stereotypical sense - a couple who, unable to have biological children, adopt a newborn. In fact, adoption takes many forms and together we've been lucky enough to participate in hundreds of adoptions of all kinds. Most recently, an entire family joined forces to adopt a relative's three children when the relations were no longer willing or able to parent them. Three different members of the immediate family each took one of the children to care for. They all live very close to each other and share the responsibility of raising the children as well as keeping the children physically and emotionally close to one another. These were not infants but teenage and pre-teen children. The adoption of these youngsters by their immediate family afforded them the permanency and stability they desperately needed. When the judge finally granted the adoptions on a sunny morning, one could easily sense this family's relief and elation. Afterwards, photographs with the judge were a fun sight to witness and the culmination of one family's arduous journey to keep their family together. Another recent adoption we participated in involved the adoption of two siblings by a couple who already had four biological children. They wanted to expand their family and felt adoption was a viable option. Once they were certified to adopt, a two-year-old boy and his one-year-old sister were placed with the family by Child Protective Services (CPS). The children were wards of the state and after the biological parents' rights were severed, they were lucky enough to adopt the siblings. Not even three months later, the couple also adopted an 11-month-old girl through CPS. Open to the possibility of another CPS adoption in the near future, they're certainly not done yet!One definition of "adoption" is the "voluntary acceptance of a child of other parents to be the same as ones own child." Not only have these adoptive parents accepted their new children as their own, they've completely and totally embraced them, loving them unconditionally as only a parent can.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

How Underage DUI or DWI can Affect your Child’s Future?

Everybody makes mistakes when they are young. Some of these mistakes involve alcohol. While some got away from these mistakes unscathed, others were not so lucky. One of the most dangerous alcohol-related offenses is underage DUI or DWI. Such cases, while usually committed by minors, is not as harmless as many think. In fact, it can negatively affect the rights and opportunities a child can otherwise enjoy. Here are some ways underage DUI or DWI can affect your child’s future:
  • Reduced educational opportunities - This is seen as the biggest consequence of an underage DUI case. It can compromise a child’s ability to gain different kinds of educational opportunities. First, it makes it difficult for him to get accepted in a school or course he likes. Second, it can compromise his ability to get educational perks such as scholarships. Third, it can disqualify him from acquiring certifications, licenses, and the like. A DUI case, resolved or otherwise, can make it difficult for a child to reach his full academic potential.
  • Reduced job opportunities - An underage DUI case not only affects a child’s educational opportunities, but it also affects his professional opportunities. In many ways, a case such as this makes it harder for him to apply for certain jobs. Some DUI cases remain on a person’s criminal record long after a case is resolved. It negatively affects his chances of getting hired, even if he has no other criminal records under his name. Having an underage DUI on the record will prove to be a huge disadvantage once he starts to look for a job in the future.
  • Difficulty with the driver’s license - An individual with an underage DUI record will lose their driver's license.  It may be difficult to get the driver's license back. If he is able to get a license, heu can still be classified as a high-risk driver, which carries several disadvantages. For one, penalties for traffic offenses are much stiffer. It’s also more difficult and expensive to get car insurance. This will also limit the types of vehicles that he can drive.
  • Car insurance issues - People with a history of DUI or DWI cases, even if they committed them when they are still underage, are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting car insurance. The problem is that insurance for car owners with a DUI record is more expensive – that is if his application is not rejected to begin with. Pre-existing car insurance policies can also be voided after a DUI offense.
  • Increased personal problems - There is a negative stigma associated with a person who committed crimes such as DUI when he is still underage. First, it compromises his relationships with other people, most especially his parents and other close family members. Second, there’s always a risk of developing trust issues, because the common thinking is that someone with an underage DUI case cannot be trusted with certain responsibilities. Some people may also think that he is incapable of making sound decisions. Lastly, it can cause embarrassment, which can scar him for the rest of his life.
Those are just some of the issues that a person with a history of underage DUI or DWI faces. A child can have an otherwise spot-free criminal record, but that DUI case will give him loads of problems both now and in the future. The easiest way to avoid such problems is to avoid driving under the influence. However, should someone you know has an underage DUI case, it’s advisable to ask for legal help to learn more about his or her legal rights. Robert is ready to fight to protect your child’s rights. As an experienced juvenile DUI attorney, I can provide my legal expertise in your case, contact me today. Contact Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law, directly by email or by calling 480-860-4321 now for a free initial consultation.  

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Useful Tips on How to Prevent Party Guests from Driving Drunk

Hosting a party is fun and exciting. However, the supposedly successful party may turn into a tragedy once a party guest drives under the influence of alcohol. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, a non-profit organization, reported that 28 people die daily due to crashes brought about by drunk driving. It is also reported that a little more than 10,000 people died and around 290,000 were injured because of the crashes in 2015 alone. If this happens, there may be cases where the social host will bear the responsibility of the consequences of party guests driving under the influence (DUI). This article will list down tips on how to prevent party guests from DUI.

Before the Party

Plan activities ahead of the party so you can easily monitor the status of your party guests.  

Prepare the right amount of alcohol

Being the host, it is vital to know how much alcohol will be served during the party. Always measure how much alcohol will be put into mixed drinks and punches. Furthermore, a shortage of alcohol is preferable than a surplus of them, since many party-goers will be tempted to drink more, knowing they still have more to consume.  

Assign a reliable driver or use public transportation

If guests come in groups, it is advisable to select a reliable driver who will agree not to consume alcohol. However, he or she must know his or her responsibilities, such as knowing the addresses and emergency contact info of everybody he or she is driving for, as well as having a valid license to drive.  In case none of the guests are available to act as the driver, then using public transportation will be helpful. Riding on a bus, taxi, or train is an affordable and easy option for the party guests to get home safely.  

During the Party

Provide substitute drinks

The first tip is actually to prevent the party guests from drinking too much alcohol.  Who said parties are limited to intoxicating drinks? It is important to keep water, juice and soda available. These beverages could slow the consumption of alcohol.  

Serve heavy meals first

Another tip on how to prevent party guests from DUI is to let them eat dinner or heavy meals prior to drinking alcohol. Since they will likely have a fuller stomach, they can also reduce their alcohol intake. Additionally, encouraging them to eat snacks while drinking alcohol will also reduce their alcohol consumption.  

Provide alcoholic drinks early

This is another option. By serving alcoholic drinks earlier, party guests will have more time to get sober. Furthermore, guests will enjoy drinking sessions better, knowing that they will not drive drunk. The alternative drinks will come handy after the drinking session is over, buying more time for party guests to get sober. Driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. It puts the lives of not only the drivers, but also those of other motorists and pedestrians, at risk. Designated drivers, less consumption of alcohol and wise choices ensure that party guests will go home safely and will not drive after drinking. As an individual, knowing how to prevent party guests from DUI is a must before becoming a social host. If a party guest does happen to drive and gets a DUI, you want to hire an experienced DUI Lawyer in Scottsdale to help you. Robert personally answers his own telephone and he will personally handle your case. Contact Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law, directly by email or by calling 480-860-4321 now for a free initial consultation.
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Why Hire Robert Dodell to Help with your Adoption Case?

While adoption is a wonderful way of opening your home to a child or children in need, you should also realize that it is a complicated legal process that can also be full of pitfalls for prospective parents. An attorney, who is knowledgeable about adoption law, can help parents navigate the process so that they can have peace of mind, knowing that they enjoy legal security when they start life with their new child. What an adoption lawyer can bring is knowledge of state law to prevent legal problems later. Adoption and family law is different in every state, so it helps to have a lawyer who is familiar with the laws and the adoption process in your area. In an improperly managed adoption, for instance, the birth mother may later change her mind. The baby may also be born with persistent medical conditions. By involving your lawyer from the start of the process, even before you have selected a baby, you ensure that the adoption will go smoothly. The lawyer will anticipate the various scenarios that may take place and make provisions for them. Once the prospective parents find a baby or a birth mother, the lawyer will act as the mediator between the parties and, once there is an agreement, he will draw up the legal documents. One of the major benefits of using an adoption attorney is that the prospective parents can undertake an independent adoption, instead of going through an agency. By doing so, the parents have more freedom in choosing a baby or a birth mother, whereas an agency will take it upon themselves to match parents and birth mothers or babies, leaving both parties with no choice. In addition, by conducting the adoption independently, the adoptive parents can avoid the long waiting periods that those who work with agencies have to endure. It is also the duty of the adoption attorney to come to the hospital when the birth mother is due to give birth, ensuring that consent forms and other legal documents are signed to terminate her rights legally. They will deal with the hospital staff, who may not be familiar with the legal adoption process to ensure that the handover of the baby goes smoothly. The attorney can also prevent another party from coming in and trying to convince the birth mother to change her mind at the last minute and give the baby to other parents. Another part of the process that the attorney will handle is to locate the birth father and ask him to sign a consent form as well. If this does not happen, there is a risk that the father may show up at the last minute and derail the adoption process by claiming his legal rights over the baby.    The other things that an adoption attorney can help you with include explaining to you how adoption methods work as well as the relevant adoption law in your state, familiarizing you with your rights as prospective adoptive parents, helping you determine what costs are involved with adoption, assessing the risks involved, and providing you with the resources you need to create an adoption plan, which is legally binding. If you choose to work with an adoption agency, the attorney will review the contract to ensure that your rights are protected. If you are planning to enter into post-placement arrangement with the birth parents, an adoption attorney can discuss what your options are as well as how to ensure that your interests, and those of the baby, are safeguarded. While Robert A. Dodell’s area of specialization is criminal defense law, he also has extensive interest in helping parents when it comes to adoption. Atty. Dodell has defended juveniles and adults in criminal cases, and has handled adoption matters, guardianship and juvenile dependency cases. I have worked extensively with parents who have dealt with the court system and the Department of Child Safety.   He is a member of the Arizona State Bar, and is licensed to practice in Arizona State, as well as in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the District Court of Arizona. If you are interested in asking for Atty. Dodell’s help with your adoption case, you may contact his office for a free consultation, so you can discuss your case.  
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Step-Parent Adoption – Process

The role of a step-parent is very often one filled with minimal glory. Absent the biological parent, the step-parent’s role becomes essential to the emotional and financial well-being of the child, though devoid of the legal rights to fully carry out that responsibility. The decision to adopt a step-child is monumental in nature. It provides both the step-parent and especially the child a sense of long-term stability and belonging. Adoption also enables the new parent the ability to make educational, financial and medical decisions. The adopted child also has the right of inheritance and survivor benefits, the same as a biological child. A step-parent adoption usually involves two steps, unless the birth parent is deceased. The first step, legal termination of parental rights, can be accomplished with the birth parent’s consent or evidence of a birth parent’s abandonment and/or inability to parent. A severance hearing before a judge, culminating in a signed order terminating parental rights, is necessary prior to the adoption. The second step is the adoption itself. The step-parent’s spouse consents to the adoption of the child. Typically, a homestudy, fingerprints and step-parent background check are processed; these may be essential to the judge’s approval of the adoption. Finally, a new birth certificate is issued with the adoptive parent’s name. The entire process, dependent on how complicated the situation is, can take a couple of months to several months. The end result, to provide a child you love with the stability and permanency he or she needs, is worth the time and effort.

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